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August 6, 2013
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You and the Doctor were in the TARDIS, resting for a moment after you successfully saved a planet (again). The both of you were tired. That was the fourth planet in a row. You always ended up saving every place the TARDIS lands. You wanted to keep going but your body needed rest. You looked over to the Doctor, standing at the console flicking switches and pulling levers. He looked over at you and gave you a look. You noticed you were staring at him. You started blushing and looked away.

“So, ______, where do you want to go now?” The Doctor asked.
“I just want to rest now Doctor. We’ve been running around everywhere,” you replied. The Doctor shifted the TARDIS to auto-pilot and sat down next to you on the steps.
“Alright, well, what do you want to do?” The Doctor asked staring at you.

You started walking toward the doors of the TARDIS. You quickly opened them to look down toward the planet you’ve just left. It was a beautiful shade of purple with spots of white from the clouds of their sky. You couldn’t help but laugh to yourself. It was so majestic; the planet, the stars, everything. You loved this view. You wished you would never leave but there was so much more to see. You sat down at the edge of the doorway looking down onto the planet, the Doctor coming to sit right next to you.

“You know,” the Doctor started. “I think I might know what to do to pass the time while you rest.”
“What might that be?” you asked the Timelord.
He gently planted a kiss onto your lips. His were very soft. He quickly pulled away, realizing what he had just done.

“I’m sorry _____. I should’ve just…” the Doctor said while getting up to close the doors of the TARDIS. You stopped his rambling with another kiss. He quickly twisted the both of you around and leaned you against the doors, lips still connected. He slowly went down the curve of your body, making you tingle with excitement.
He suddenly stops, grabbing you by the hand and leading you to one of the bedrooms of the TARDIS. He laid you on the bed, gently nipping at your neck. You moan with excitement, noticing how he’s gently tracing your body down to the bottom of your shirt slowly lifting if off. You start unbuttoning the brown shirt he was wearing, wondering why he wears so many layers of clothing. You’re lips barely parting in the process.
He’s lying on top of you, both only in your undergarments. He pauses, remembering you’re still a virgin and that this would be your first time.
“What’s wrong?” you ask.
“Are… are you sure you’re ready for this..?” he asked, sounding a little worried.
“Do you think I would be in this position if I wasn’t?” you joked and continued with the kiss.
You both start pulling away the rest of the clothing left on you. He gently begins to enter you. You quietly let out a small yelp, but moan for him to continue. He started pushing his member inside you, slowly coming in and out to make sure he wouldn’t hurt you. You moaned with so much pleasure, your body tingling everywhere, wanting more. He gently started nipping at your neck again, picking up his pace. You started wondering where he learned all of this from. He was a Timelord after all. He must’ve picked up some tips during his years.
He was going faster now, pounding into you harder. You couldn’t help but moan loudly. He wandered his lips back to yours, letting his tongue explore a little. You were about to reach your climax, as was he.

“Do-doctor…” you moaned, trying to finish your sentence but felt a warm fluid flowing out from below. You both moaned, your foreheads touching. You could feel the heat of his breathe upon your face.
“Doctor,” you panted, trying to catch your breathe.
He entered you again with no mercy whatsoever. He started pounding into you, leaving you screaming his name. You dug your nails into the mattress. You’ve never felt so much pleasure in your life. He nipped at your neck once more, moaning with pleasure. You both quickly reached your climax leaving you panting with exhaustion. You both lay on the bed holding each other, planting gentle kisses every once and a while and nipping at each other’s necks.
“Promise me something,” he said quietly.
“Promise me you’ll never leave _____.”
“As long as you promise to do this more often…”
You snuggled close to him, falling asleep in his arms.
:iconsqueeeeplz: Oh god. My first time writing lemon. Why did I do this. Oh well. I hope you like it :la:
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MadameFluttershy Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Student Artisan Crafter
Love this
ShyShyKiyomi Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  New member
i love this story its so interesting like a plot twist have you ever seen a plot twist in a move they are absolutely remarkable sometimes an-
Suho: shy?
Suho:your babbling again..
oops sorry...
Eminemfan220 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
It's great for a first, I wanna just say that it's rather rushed. I understand, though, my first lemons are so rushed it lacks detail, at least you have /that/ and a good...'plot' lol
I'm rambling, I shoulda thought this out better ^^"
Marceline-9 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I figured I kinda rushed it. I've reread it and things just go by to quickly and it makes it feel a little weird.
10Allonsy10 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  New member
I LOVED IT!Wink/Razz 
10Allonsy10 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  New member
Ooohhh doctor!😍😍😍😍 I LOVE YOU!
cookiekat7 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
nose bleed crap.... its on my keyborad
ragexthexfurious Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ovaries: Edward (Explosion) [V1] 
BobbiJoEgo Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
YOWZA! This is awesome! Doctor, I didn't know you were so freaky...Yato (Sneaky Bad Neko) [V1] Rape face Frog Emoji-56 (Kawaii Blush) [V3] Mini Tardis 
ShyShyKiyomi Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  New member
oh my god that face the second face my sides they hurt XD
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